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        Welcome to Danyang New Hualong Auto Parts Co. Ltd. website!
        Customer service hotline:+86 511 8638 1883
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          About New Hualong
                Danyang New Hualong Auto Parts Co. Ltd.is specialized in producing automobile instrument and have been nearly 20 years of history, now the company's new factory is located in "China's Auto Parts City," said the Jiangsu Danyang City Dan Bei Zhen (bridge).
             Company has strong technical strength, advanced production equipment, perfect detection means, and are superior departments rated as "product quality trustworthy unit" and "the quality of integrity demonstration units". The compa...[More]
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        Adhere to stable product quality,
        With products made strict in demands in be the same outside and inside,
        In the design, in the production, in the inspection, in the management,
        Add: Danyang City, Dan Beizhen Center Road (bridge)
        TEL: +86 511 8638 1883
        FAX: +86 511 8637 1883
        Contact: Mr. Yao
        M.T.: +86 13806103906
                 +86 13706108558
        ADD:Danyang City,Dan Beizhen Center Road(bridge) Tel£º0511-86381883 M.T.: +86 13706108558
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